My interdisciplinary research program explores the implications of digital technologies for the dynamics of media work and media innovation. In particular, I study the changing nature of journalism—its professional norms, values, practices, and roles in society—amid the rise of sociotechnical phenomena such as big data, social media, open-source software, and digital audience analytics. In exploring these issues, I draw upon a diverse mix of perspectives—from mass communication and journalism studies to the sociology of professions and science and technology studies—as well as qualitative and quantitative methods, allowing the research question to guide the research design. I also collaborate with an international set of experts, enabling me to extend my research agenda farther than would otherwise be possible working alone. This approach has allowed me to contribute to diverse literatures while maintaining focus on a core question that animates my work: How are emerging technologies, with their distinct properties and processes, associated with changes in news work, and what does that mean for how we understand the nature of journalism and its roles in society?

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